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Johnny burns is happy with running Maguire’s

Full houses because the Gold Hill Theatre was taken in a landslide at 10 am that morning and it was piled in a mound atop the discard heap of Yolo Mining Company. The hurdy gurdy girls sleeping in hammocks in back were able to get out. “Lotta has a series of good shows at the Melodeon”

W.H. Leighton moves over to Maguire

Leaves the comedy club and stages “Asmodeus; or, The little Devils Share.” She also staged ‘wife for a day & ‘sketches in India. The other 2 shows weren’t as good as Asmodeus
Follow up plays were captain Charlotte, the windmill, podijah b. peasley- a 2 act musical burletta The Barrack Room & The maid with the milking pail, the Yankee pedlar