The Comstock Lode boom in Nevada is still the richest mineral discovery in the history of the world.  It brought a rare assortment of people to the Nevada hills in the 1860s.  The town of Virginia City was at the heart of the strike.  Set during and after the Civil War, “Boom Town” chronicles the economic, political, social and cultural development of this frontier area.

The main location is where the Territorial Enterprise offices are located: Virginia City.  Other locations include the capitol Carson City, with it’s society elites and government buildings.  Satellite towns included Palisade, famous for it’s street theatre stunts.  In the Palisade Players story, way Boom Town will use complicated stunt choreography and theatrical vernacular as hazing rituals for viewers, forces us to become locals fast and see the visitors disembarking from the train as mere purses and wallets.  This particular boom town is clearly the forefather of modern Las Vegas.